Vastu Pyramids for Personal Use

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Harmony pyramid

Harmony pyramids is used for bringing peace and harmony in life. It is used for interpersonal and environmental harmony

Wish pyramid

Wish pyramids is for everyone, who dream and expect it to come true. Wish pyramid is like a wish machine, which helps you in wish fulfilment.

Pyra mind power cap

Pyra mind power caps is used during studies and meditation. Students, who lack concentration level or coping with stress, must use it to get rid from exam stress and achieve alpha mind power. It is new way to deal with extreme stress.

Marriage Pyramid

Marriage Pyramids for Desired Marriage & Happy Marriage - Every one wish to get life partner that makes his/her life happy and prosperous. Marriage pyramid attracts the cosmic link with your partner and you will get favorable life partner. People who suffers from marriage problems or late marriage, for them marriage pyramid is best.

Divine Locket Pyramid

Divine Locket Pyramids

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